Merrey Road, Stafford. ST17 9LY

    Telephone: 01785 251 134
    Out of hours: 111

    National Health Service

    Healthcare Team


    Our doctors work in a partnership and as a group. Although you are registered with a named doctor, you may see any of the doctors in the partnership.

    Dr Manu K Agrawal MBBS, MRCGP. Birmingham 2012
    Male, Senior Partner

    Dr Sapna Vatish MBChB MRCGP. Leicester 2009
    Female, Partner

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    Advanced Nurse Practitioners

    • Sr Diana Crook RGN
    • Joanne Dixon RGN
    • Peter Hall
    • Jeremy Allan-Smith

    Advanced Nurse Practitioners are medical professionals who have undertaken considerable training and act as the triage service for the GPs. They provide 'same day' appointments and are able to prescribe medications, diagnose, treat and refer. Please note they are not able to issue sickness certificates.

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    Practice Nurses

    • Sr Anne-Marie Evans RGN (Specialist Practice Nurse)
    • Sr Jessica Shelley
    • Sr Luan Whittaker

    They are available throughout the week. They undertake routine procedures for us, further information can be found on in Clinics and Services.

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    Phlebotomist / Healthcare Assistant

    • Laura Moulds Phlebotomist
    • Amy Lloyd Phlebotomist / Healthcare Assistant

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    Practice Management

    • Deb Russell - Practice Manager of Patient Services
    • Mandy Rhodes - Practice Manager of Business
    • Emma Shenton - Practice Manager of Operations

    If you wish to discuss administrative or non-medical aspects of your health treatment or if you have any ideas which will improve the services we provide, our Practice Managers may be able to help you.

    The Practice Managers also deal with problems or complaints you may have to do with the practice.

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    • Amanda Newbold Administrator
    • Louise McDonnell Administrator
    • Nicky Gallagher Administrator

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    Our receptionists are:

    • Katie Cowie - Senior Receptionist
    • Laura Moulds
    • Rose Bosworth
    • Debbie White
    • Zoe Hodges
    • Gaynor Zyskowski

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    Medical Students & Foundation Year 2 Doctors

    Rising Brook Surgery has been accredited by Keele University School of Medicine as a Teaching Practice.

    Medical students

    Rising Brook Surgery has been accredited by Keele University School of Medicine as a Teaching Practice for Medical Students. Their general practice experience is an essential part of their learning and we are grateful to our patients who may be consulted by a student prior to being reviewed by one of the GPs. Medical students spend four weeks in General Practice during each year of their training.

    Foundation Year 2 Doctors

    Junior doctors working at Rising Brook Surgery have graduated from university with a medical degree and are in the second year of the Foundation Programme, this is a time when they develop their knowledge and skills. Junior doctors rotate through General Practice (every 4 months) in the same way they rotate through hospital specialities such as gynaecology, paediatrics and psychiatry.
    They are qualified doctors and will be registered with the General Medical Council.
    Junior doctors have a longer time for their appointments, typically 20 minutes in duration. An appointment with a junior doctor is always under the supervision of a senior doctor at the Practice.

    If you are scheduled to be seen by a student or junior doctor but would rather not see them for personal reasons please let a member of staff know beforehand and your request will be respected.

    We wish to thank our patients for your support and patience with resident students and junior doctors.

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    Other Team Members

    Adequate modern medical care is not provided by the doctors alone. We work as a team to provide a comprehensive service. As well as the doctors, Nurses and Practice Manager, we also have:

    • Receptionists
    • Health Visitors
    • District Nurses
    • Midwives
    • Community Mental Health Nurse

    Our receptionists are here to help you. They are trained and qualified for the job and they understand that many people feel anxious and under stress when visiting the doctor and they will always try to be courteous and helpful.

    When they are discussing appointments with you, on the phone or at reception, they may ask you certain questions to assess the urgency and to make sure that you are being seen by the appropriate person. Please do not feel they are prying or being obstructive. They are trained to ask relevant questions and they are bound by strict rules of confidentiality.