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Travel Health and Immunisations

We pleased to offer our registered patients a travel health service.

The Practice offers advice and immunisations for travel abroad. Most of the immunisations provided by the NHS. We do charge, however, for immunisations not available on the NHS.

Many people are taking long haul holidays requiring complicated courses of vaccines. To assist you, please see the information below, plus we stock a large amount of travel related health promotion material in practice.

Most vaccines are not fully effective for at least 10 days. Some need more than one dose and take much longer to become fully effective.

Booking your Appointment with the Nurse

If you require travel vaccinations, you will need to complete a Travel Risk Assessment (one per person) and return it to the Practice as soon as possible, 6 weeks before travel. Please download and complete our Travel Risk Assessment form, then either, email it to, or hand it in at reception.

Once you have returned the questionnaire, please make an appointment with a Practice Nurse (for a family you need to inform the Receptionist who will ensure a double appointment is booked if necessary).

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If you require a prescription for vaccinations this will be ready to collect 48 hours following your appointment.

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Mosquito Bite Avoidance for Travellers

In many tropical countries, mosquitoes can spread diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, West Nile, malaria, yellow fever and Zika. Here are five simple rules you should follow to reduce your risk of infections spread by mosquitoes.

Mosquito Bite Avoidance for Travellers Leafletn.

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Useful Travel Information Websites

The Travel Health Organisations section on this website has lots of useful links to help you.

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Travel Vaccination Charges

We offer most of the travel health service at no additional charge to the patient. However the NHS does not cover the cost of all the treatments you may need. Therefore, for some services you may need to pay.

Malaria Tablets are NOT provided on the NHS and sometimes can be bought over-the-counter or may require a private prescription. The nurse can advise regarding this or you could discuss with your pharmacist. REMEMBER some tablets have to be started at least one week before you travel and you need continue to take them when you return to the UK for the advised length of time.

Travel Vaccination Charges.